Kensington Celebrates the International Day of the Book Festival 2007
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Day of the Book 2007
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Open Mic
In Catalan


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Day of the Book 2007
The Book as Literature * The Book as Art * The Book as Music


This year's festival was dedicated to our good friend
Richard Martin 1948-2006


Welcome to Old Town Kensington's Celebration of the International Day of the Book.

April 23 is a symbolic day in world literature. Declared as International Day of the Book by UNESCO in 1995, this celebration of books and literature draws it's inspiration from a Catalan tradition, the Festival of the Rose.

Legend has it that Saint George, Patron Saint of Catalonia and international knight-errant, slew a dragon about to devour a beautiful Catalan princess. From the dragon's blood sprouted a rosebush, from which the hero plucked the prettiest rose for the princess. Hence the traditional Rose Festival celebrated in Barcelona since the Middle Ages to honor chivalry and love. In 1923, this lover's "festa" became even more poetic when it merged with "el dia del llibre", or The Day of the Book, to mark the nearly simultaneous deaths of Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare, the two giants of literary history, on April 23, 1616.

On this day in Barcelona, bookstalls and street festivities run the length of the picturesque La Rambla, the old city's main boulevard and, according to the Spanish author Garcia Lorca, "the only street in the world which I wish would never end".

The Town of Kensington, Kensington Literary Group, and the Pauli Bellet Foundation Catalan Library, invite you to celebrate this wonderful day on Howard Ave, our "La Rambla".

Links for further reading about The International Day of the Book:
World Book and Copyright Day at UNESCO

... More Information ...

This Festival is a celebration of local authors, and the importance of books in our community. The Book, not just as pages of words, but as art, music, and knowledge.

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  • Free Rare Book Evaluations
    Noon to five at Kensington Row Bookshop

    Dale Sorenson of Waverly Book Auctions will give free book evaluations at Kensington Row Bookshop. Bring your books to show him. You might have a true treasure!

  • Play Chess against a Chess Master
    Noon to five on Howard Ave

    Allan Savage, International Chess Master, a former Maryland State Chess Champion, and Chess books author, will simultaneously play six to eight games of chess at once! Prizes will be awarded to anyone who wins or draws.

  • Storyteller Ellouise Schoettler
    2:00 in front of the Sweat Shop
    Storytelling for adults

    Ellouise Schoettler, who calls herself “an old-time Southern storyteller,” makes stories out of the everyday happenings of life. She regularly appears at storytelling festivals throughout the country, and will be appearing soon at the Mansion at Strathmore. See her website at

  • Special Appearance by
    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson!
    Noon to five along Howard Ave

    Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John H. Watson will fly in from England to consult with passersby and answer questions about their lives and investigations. Mr. Holmes also will challenge visitors to test their own observational and deductive powers.
    The detective duo's appearance is made possible by Watson's Tin Box of Ellicott City, Md. ( and MysteryVisits (

  • The Twinbrook Tellers
    Children's Tent - 1:00-1:45 and 3:00-3:45

    The Twinbrook Tellers tell tales of magic and adventure to enchant and entertain children of all ages.

  • Four Grays and a Blonde
    Visit this group of Kensington artists and author for an interesting variety of demonstrations:

    Old Master Drawing Technique
    At 2:00 and 4:00, Elizabeth Whiteley, a nationally recognized artist, will demonstrate metalpoint drawing. She will also give a short talk about the history of this Old Master drawing medium which uses a gold or silver stylus.
    Weaving the World with Wire
    At 1:00 and 3:00, Carien Quiroga will demonstrate Metal Embossing and Wire Art
    Author Reading
    On the 1/2 hour, Kensington author Judith Duerk will read from her two books Circle of Stones and I Sit Listening to the Wind
    Portrait Sculpture
    Watch local sculpter Nancy Frankel work on her portrait sculpture.

  • Make Your Own Book Art
    Noon to five on Howard Avenue
    Ages 6 to 106

    Visit book artist Anne Harlan's table to
    Create a Tiny Book
    Put together pre-punched pages and covers with yarn or other fastenings. Then fill with your own ideas.
    Make and Trade: Artist Trading Cards
    Draw, glue, color, or sew your own art onto a 2 ½” x 3 ½” card, and you will be ready to trade.

  • See What Firemen Read
    Noon to five on Howard Avenue

    The Kensington Volunteer Fire Department will bring their firetruck and a display of books and manuals about firefighting. Come climb on the truck and talk to the firemen about books!

  • Mixed Media Collages
    Noon to five on Howard Ave

    Local Kensington artist Marilyn Banner, mixed media artist, will demonstrate the creation of mixed media collages, using drawing, paint, handmade paper, inkjet prints, found images, and other materials.

  • Get a Taino 'Tattoo'
    Noon to five on Howard Ave

    Stop by children's book author and illustrator Edwin Fontanez's table to learn about the ancient culture of the Taino indians that inhabited Puerto Rico before the arrival of the Conquistadors and get a rubber-stamped Taino 'tattoo' on your arm!

  • Get Your Psychedelic Portrait!
    Noon to five on Howard Ave

    Local Kensington Artist Leo Charre will set up to do 10 minute psychedelic portraits on 4"x6" canvas. Free!

  • The Dragon Business
    12:30 & 2:45 in front of the Sweat Shop

    An original 15-minute comic skit about love, mythology, and the book business. Performed by the WMAS Illustrious Artists Company.

  • Visual acuity screening tests
    1:00-3:00 at Prevention of Blindness Antique Shop
    Prevention of Blindness, 3716 Howard Ave., will perform visual acuity screening tests. Free.

  • Visit the Tea Room and see Roy's collection of Montgomery County High School Yearbooks!

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  • Music

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    12:25 - Mary Sesso - poetry
    12:30 - Massud Alemi - Interruptions
    12:35 - Theresa Grant - Hope and Desire
    12:40 - Judith McCombs - The Habit of Fire: Poems
    12:45 - Jane Edwards - poetry
    12:50 - Joy C. West - Dancing on the Fringes of the Realm
    12:55 - Laura Ward Holliday - Mediation Within
    1:00 - Paul Lagasse - Seeing Through Clouds
    1:05 - Bonny Barry Sanders - Kiss Me Good-bye
    1:10 - Linda Morelli - Romance novelist
    1:15 - Bobbie Hinman - The Knot Fairy
    1:20 - Con Lehane - Death at the Old Hotel
    1:25 - Ann Rayburn - poetry
    1:30 - Diana Tokaji
    1:35 - Nick Ruth - The Dark Dreamweaver
    1:40 - Ken Ingham - EcoEpic & Other Poems
    1:45 - Andrea Rugh -Parents & Children in an Arab Village
    1:50 - Lew Toulmin - The Most Traveled Man
    1:55 - Patty Apostolides - Candlelit Journey: Poetry
    2:00 - Joel S. Hirschhorn - Delusional Democracy
    2:05 - Brian Sloan - Tale of Two Summers
    2:10 - Lamont Carey
    2:15 - Alice Miller - To Everything There is a Season
    2:20 - Austin S. Camacho - Blood and Bone
    2:25 - Greg Mansfield - poetry
    2:30 - Frances Garrett Connell - One Woman’s Courageous Mission
    2:35 reserved
    2:40 - Jim LitchkoThe I.C.E. Guyreserved
    2:45 - Richard Rice - poetry
    2:50 - Judith Duerk - Circle of Stones
    2:55 - Cathy D. Knepper - Dear Mrs. Roosevelt
    3:00 - Angeline Bandon-Bibum - Sojurner's Dream
    3:05 - Sten Odenwald - Patterns in the Void
    3:10 - Odessa Maxwell - Thoughts of My Mind, Heart, and Soul
    3:15 - Christina Daub - poetry
    3:20 - Michelle Minter - Poetry, Hell of War
    3:25 - Jay Moss
    3:30 - August K. Spector - poetry
    3:35 - Regina Prophet - poetry
    3:40 - Carmen Vickers - poetry
    3:45 - Bill Campbell - My Booty Novel
    3:50 - Marijane Ricketts - poetry
    3:55 - Emily Robinson - poetry
    4:00 - Neal Schlosburg -
    4:05 - Tom Lacombe - Light Ruck, Vietnam 1969
    4:10 - Melissa B. Robinson - The Search for Canasta 404
    4:15 - Dean Blehert - poetry
    4:20 - Pam Blehert - poetry
    4:25 - Ryan Rankin - poetry
    4:30 - Stefanie Coburn - poetry
    4:35 - Patrick Hyde - The Only Pure Thing
    4:40 reserved
    4:45 - Bethesda Beatnicks - poetry
    4:50 reserved
    4:55 reserved

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    Donations from our sponsors make this festival possible. Please visit and thank them! Please let us know!

    Town of Kensington




    Gary Ditto
    Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.


    Metropolitan Design Center

    3730 Howard Ave, Kensington


    Grove Printing
    4225 Howard Ave, Kensington


    Fundacio Pauli Bellet, Catalan Library
    3786 Howard Ave, Kensington


    Hardware City

    Old Town Kensington Merchants Association

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    Special Thanks to the following for generously giving of their time and talents to make this festival successful and special:


    Mayor Pete Fosselman and the Town of Kensington


    Our generous sponsors (see above)


    All the Bands, Musicians, and Performers (see above)!


    The artists of the Washington Metropolitan Artists' Society
    Thank you for the eight beautiful hand-painted dragon banners! Special thanks to John Schneider for the big painted plywood dragon!


    Kensington Flowers & Gift Shop
    For the wonderful roses


    Ken Goldsmith
    Leslie Maxam
    Barbara Scharman


    Everyone who gave out fliers, forwarded emails, and helped spread the word!


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    Benvolguts i benvolgudes...

    A Catalunya la celebració de la Diada de Sant Jordi és una de les tradicions més atractives del nostre costumari. I és que el dia del llibre i de la rosa té un ventall de simbolismes per celebrar que permet que agradi a tothom. D'una banda, és una diada nacional, ja que s'homenatja el patró de Catalunya. D'altra banda, la diada de Sant Jordi és també el nostre dia dels enamorats amb la rosa vermella com a protagonista i amb la llegenda del drac com a referent èpic. Els llibres donen un aire intel·lectual a la diada i, finalment, el fet que la festa se celebri al carrer --les rambles s'omplen de parades de roses i llibres,--la converteix en una exhaltació de la natura i de la primavera en un ambient ben ciutadà. N'hi ha per a tots els gustos, per això no és estrany que sigui una festa fàcilment exportable.
    I és així com la nostra festa ha arribat a Kensington, pràcticament amb els mateixos ingredients que a Catalunya: les parades al carrer i les actuacions festives, les roses, els llibres --en aquest cas com a principals protagonistes-- i una munió de gent passejant amunt i avall, gaudint amb la companyia dels altres vianants i de la plenitud de la primavera.
    Els catalans de Washington i rodalies ens hem de sentir afortunats de poder celebrar el Sant Jordi en un ambient tan semblant al de Catalunya. La nostra participació, però, no pot ser passiva; a nosaltres ens toca posar l'ingredient dels origens de la festa: de Sant Jordi, de la llegenda del drac i de Catalunya. Per aconseguir-ho només cal anar-hi i fer la festa encara més gran.
    La festa se celebrarà, com ja sabeu, el diumenge 22 d'abril de dotze del migdia a cinc de la tarda.

    Bon Sant Jordi!

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    Authors - Arts - Music - Misc Tables
    Publishers - Bookshops/Sellers - Open Mic Readers

    Local Authors

    • Mark Opsasnick
      The Lizard King Was Here and Capitol Rock

    • Allan Savage
      Reconciling Chess: A Marcel Duchamp Sampler
      The Anti-Indian: Trompowski’s Attack
      Introduction to Chess: The Creative Game
      (See activities list)

    • Rob Clark

    • Ken Ingham
      Ecoepic & Other Poems

    • Joel S. Hirschhorn
      Delusional Democracy - Fixing the Republic Without Overthrowing the Government

    • Tom Lacombe
      Light Ruck, Vietnam 1969

    • Joel M. Lerner
      Anyone Can Landscape!and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Landscaping Illustrated

    • Linda Morelli
      Fiery Surrender; Shadow of Doubt
      and Lani's Challenge
      Linda's Place - A Site for Romance Readers and Writers

    • Peter Brown
      Ruthie Black

    • Debi Hammack

    • JoAnne Growney
      My Dance is Mathematics and Listening to Water

    • Lew Toulmin
      The Most Traveled Man on Earth

    • Bonny Barry Sanders
      Touching Shadow
      Kiss Me Good-bye

    • John Gaudet
      The Iron Snake

    • E. Ashe
      Happy Horse - A Children's Book of Horses

    • Brian Sloan
      A Really Nice Prom Mess and Tale of Two Summers

    • John D.S. Muhlenberg
      Astronomical Cycles and Human Affairs
      On Colfax Avenue

    • Winthuysen Foundation, inc
      Memorias de un Senorito Sevillano

    • Cynthia Polansky
      Far Above Rubies and The American Pit Bull Terrier

    • Katharine M. Rogers
      First Friend: A History of Dogs and Humans
      L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz,
      and Cat

    • Barri Armitage
      Double Helix

    • Carly Sachs
      The Steam Sequence

    • Piotr Gwiazda
      Gagarin Street

    • Bobbie Hinman
      The Knot Fairy

    • J.D. Smith
      Settling for Beauty

    • Cooking for the Cure Cookbook Committee
      Cooking for the Cure

    • Joy C. West
      Dancing on the Fringes of the Realm

    • Jeffery King
      The Life and Death of Pretty Boy Floyd
      The Rise and Fall of the Dillinger Gang

    • Judith Laura
      Beyond All Desiring
      Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century

    • Con Lehane
      Death at the Old Hotel (coming June 2007)
      What Goes Around Comes Round
      Beware the Solitary Drinker

    • Judith Duerk
      Circle of Stones
      I Sit Listening to the Wind

    • j. tyler blue
      the baltimore years

    • sean brijbasi
      still life in motion

    • Melissa B. Robinson
      The Search for Canasta 404

    • Cathy D. Knepper, Ph.D
      Greenbelt, Md, A Living Legacy of the New Deal
      Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, Letters to Eleanor Roosevelt

    • Poets of Ellicott St

    • Frank S. Joseph
      To Love Mercy

    • Sallie Lowenstein
      Waiting for Eugene
      Sir Kyle and Lady Madeline

    • Mathew L. Gill
      Leaving the Canoe Club

    • Patty Apostolides
      Lipsi's Daughter
      Candlelit Journey: Poetry from the Heart

    • Matt Harris
      Poems On Some Parables Of Christ

    • Laura Holliday
      Mediation Within (A Path To Inner Peace)

    • Alice Miller
      To Everything There is a Season: A Psychotherapist's Spiritual Journey Through the Garden

    • Theresa Grant
      Hope and Desire

    • Darrell A.Cador
      When Season Changes

    • Anne Harlan
      Imagining Imaginary Worlds

    • Jim Litchko, The ICE Guy

    • Jessica Tilles
      Anything Goes; In My Sisters' Corner
      Apple Tree...
      and others

    • Nick Ruth
      The Remin Chronicles

    • Lonnie B. Spry
      How Do I Go On

    • Kavita Khanna
      Saturday Morning Omelettes

    • Harrine Freeman
      How to Get Out of Debt: Get an "A" Credit Rating for Free

    • Roser Caminals, Catalan author
      El Carrer dels Tres Llits; La Dona de Mercuri
      La Petita Mort; Once Remembered, Twice Lived

    • William Heath
      The Children Bob Moses Led (novel)
      The Walking Man (poetry)

    • Odessa Maxwell
      Thoughts of My Mind, Heart, and Soul

    • Angeline Bandon-Bibum
      Sojourner’s Dream

    • Larry Buttram
      False Witness, Honor Thy Sister
      and The Greatest Gift

    • Elaine A. King
      Ethics & the Visual Arts

    • Larry Moffi
      The Conscience of the Game: Baseball's Commissioners
      Crossing the Line: Black Major Leaguers, 47-59
      This Side of Cooperstown: An Oral History of Major League Baseball in the 1950s

    • Paul Lagasse
      Seeing Through Clouds: the Story of an Airship Apprentice

    • Sistah Joy
      Lord, I'm Dancin' As Fast As I Can

    • Edwin Fontanez
      On This Beautiful Island, En Esta Hermoasa Isla
      Taino: Guanin's Story; Heart of the Imaginero
      The Vejigante and the Folk Festivals of Puerto Rico

    • Bill Campbell
      My Booty Novel

    • Jacqueline Garrick
      You Can Too! A Mind Body Spirit Connection for Weight Loss

    • Ida Uchill
      Howdy, Sucker! What P.T. Barnun Did in Colorado
      Pioneers, Peddlers and Tsadikim: The Story of the Jews in Colorado

    • Andrea Rugh
      Within the Circle:Parents and Children in an Arab Village
      The Political Culture of Leadership in the United Arab Emirates

    • Christie Crowder
      Your Big Sister’s Guide to Surviving College

    • Malcolm Lawrence
      Somthing Will Come Along: Witty Memoirs of a Foreign Service Officer with Nine Children

    • Jennifer Bodine
      Daughter of A. Aubry Bodine and editor of
      Bodine's Chesapeake Bay Country

    • Yvette Malcioln
      Daughters of the Covenant
      When I Touched

    • Lamont Carey
      Why I keep U a Secret

    • Judith McCombs
      The Habit of Fire: Poems Selected and New

    • Massud Alemi

    • Austin S. Camacho
      Collateral Damage; The Troubleshooter
      Blood and Bone; Damaged Goods

    • Vickie M.Oliver-Lawson
      Vocal Moments and In The Quilting Tradition

    • Neal B. Schlosburg
      Green Tables – The First Nine Years

    • Beth Baker
      Old Age in a New Age and Sylvia Earle

    • Charles Garris
      Remembering Cicely - A Family Letter Turned Love Story

    • Keith Donohue
      The Stolen Child

    • Casandra Johnson
      Free to Live Again

    • Mike Armstrong
      Picture of a Time

    • Cassandra Zaruba
      Liquid Bones

    • Carole Douglis
      Tina and the Green City
      Tore and the Town on Thin Ice

    • Edd Doerr
      Here I Stand
      Six Stories and Seventy Poems
      Great Quotations on Religious Freedom

    • Frances Garrett Connell
      Children Kept from the Sun
      The Rest is Silence
      Down Rivers of Windfall Night

    • J. Benjamin Williams
      The Rose for Today: The Story of J.B. Williams
      and the Miniflora Rose

      Mr. Williams will also have roses for sale!

    • Katherine Janus Kahn
      Sammy Spider Books and Ziz

    • Patrick Hyde
      The Only Pure Thing
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