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Andrew Jarvis (Arlinqton, VA) | Facebook

The Strait
Publisher: Homebound Publications
The Strait explores sensory experiences gleamed from the natural environment, historic traditions, archaeological findings, and folklore of the Pacific Northwest. Jarvis presents a spiritual and honest landscape rich with images and metaphors that define our place in this beautiful, multicultural world and what it means to be human.

Alix Moore (Clarksburg, MD) | Facebook | Twitter
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Full Moon, New Earth:Poems of Joy for the Collective Journey
Publisher: Rising Moon Press
Full Moon, New Earth is a collection of teaching poems that record, elicit, and illuminate the road to New Earth and the joy of living as an awakened soul.

Frederick Foote (Bethesda, MD) | Facebook

Medic Against Bomb: A Doctor's Poetry of War
Publisher: Grayson Books
Award-winning book of poems on the wounded of the Iraq/ Afghan Wars, by a retired U.S. military physician

Q.R. Quasar (Silver Spring, MD)

Buddha Time
Publisher: Global Scholarly Publications
The explosive onset of enlightenment: "Buddha Time."

"I, Universe"---The Great Time-Heart Speaks
Publisher: Global Scholarly Publications
The consciousness of the Universe unfolding.

The Archangel of Radiance
Publisher: Global Scholarly Publications
The concentration of light/consciousness in the Archangel Lucifer, guide and bridge/gateway to the Divine Zone.

Ocean of Suns / Light First, Light Last
Publisher: Global Scholarly Publications
(Double book of poetry) Theme: The predominance of light as the transcendent force of the consciousness of the Universe - the active propagation of light.

The Expanse of Green: Poems of Sohrab Sepehry
Publisher: UNESCO/Kalimat
Translated form the Persian. Columbia University Translation Prize, 1989. Nature-Mystical poetry.

Watching the Universe Die & The Universe in Bloom
Publisher: Global Scholarly Publication
"Watching the Universe Die" explores the cascade of realizations that come from the prime realization that this totality will end. That it ends is what matters, not when...

Joseph Baldi Acosta (Rockville, MD)

My Life in Metaphor
Publisher: AuthorHouse
"Poet Joseph Baldi Acosta is a master of juxtaposition...He uses images - never taking for granted the placement of each word - to get to the core of his themes, whether he's addressing a PBS documentary or confronting his own mortality."
-Clarion Review

Cary Kamarat (Ocean City, MD)

Publisher: Hartley-Wildman Publishing
A homage to the traveler that makes us taste, feel, and smell the multi-layered experience that is travel. The author writes about a world where the busy thumbs of tweeters have replaced the caresses of lovers and the Barcelona beat fills that Dragon's Cave in the land of the Catalans. Words and images journey to every continent.

Out of Delmarva
Publisher: DC Library Press
The Delmarva Peninsula is the point of departure for a richly visual and tactile world full of salt and fantasy, humans and animals resident and transitory, fears, hopes, and challenges. It reminds us that small-towners at the beginning of the 21st century are as richly aware as penthouse dwellers in the center of a world metropolis.

Ron Ames (Silver Spring, MD)
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Publisher: Lulu
A man's search for, and eventual discovery of, the fountain of youth expressed in poetic song.

Reflections of a Chameleon
Publisher: CreateSpace
Thought provoking introspections of the rediscovery of self that lies dormant within us and awaits to be rekindled by the return of out attention.

Carrolyn C. Pichet (Hyattsville, MD) | goodreads
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My Lovely Golden Rose: A Lifetime of Poetic Reflections and Precious Memories
Publisher: AuthorHouse
A collection of personal experiences and life lessons, interactions with friends and family through live events, and reflections on physical beauty of nature and spirit. These poems offer encouragement, hope, optimism, love, comfort, and joy in living.

Paul Covert (Harpers Ferry, WV)

Gotta Luv'em
This is poetry about the various aspects of pet ownership. While many are meant to be funny, others are not and address the sadder things that come with owning a pet. The poems are about Dogs and Cats and will be dedicated to my best friend and companion Bogie who is in one of the photos with me

Low Country Wildlife
These are drawings of wildlife in the south and meant to be informative and humorous. Eight of these are framed and hanging in Heges restaurant on Johns Island South Carolina. These include the Anhinga, Shark, Blue Crab, Bald Eagle, Laughing Gull and more.....

Witness to Fitness
These are lighthearted poems meant to poke a little fun at some of the things people do related to fitness. One example is how people will circle the parking lot at the gym looking for a spot close to the entrance and then go in to use the treadmill. For a brief time I worked at a Fitness Center and is why I named the book Witness to Fitness.

Don't be Afraid!
Poetry about the many phobias. Again, meant to poke fun at some of the phobias that really exist such as the fear of heights or spiders, but also about some of the phobias that may or may not exist but there are names for. Examples are the fear of chopsticks, the fear of sitting down, and the fear of your own foot. These sound pretty silly and so do the poems.

The Federal Poets
Website | Facebook

The Federal Poets is the oldest continuously active poetry group in the Washington D.C. area. First convened in 1944, it is a nonprofit organization open to all poets without regard to race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, or political affiliation.
Members of The Federal Poets meet at the West End Public Library, 24th and L Sts. NW, Washington, DC, on the third Saturday of every month to read, analyze and discuss their poetry. Visitors are always welcome.

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