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James Terzian (Silver Spring, MD) | Facebook

The Lord of Shadows Rises
Publisher: Createspace
Fiction, Young Adult
A teen must stop the revival of the Lord of Shadows. Joining forces with the other master he must fight.

Karen Nozik (Silver Spring, MD)

What's in a Box of Cereal?
Publisher: Createspace
An illustrated book for kids showing the inter-connectedness of all things. A fun way to demonstrate BIG concepts like sustainability and economics. Uses pictures to show that everyone in the world affects everything else. Shows how every day items are made, where they come from, and what goes into making them

Neal P. Gillen (Potomac, MD)
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1954 Adventures in New York
Publisher: Create Space
Fiction, Young Adult
In trouble in school, home, and on the streets, a young man, with the help of friends, struggles to find himself. It's a journey, oftentimes a zany adventure, to turn things around while dealing with the many temptations that New York City offered in 1954.

Edward L Jefferson (Fort Washinqton, MD)
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Terry - The Little Tadpole - Making New Friends
Publisher: E L Books/
A children's story that follows a young tadpole who tries to explore his world on his own, but does not understand his surroundings and is frightened by everything he sees, until he meets a new friend who takes him on a tour of their shared environment, and his understanding of his world expands in ways that fascinate him to learn more.

Captain Cricket
Captain Cricket is a story that explains to young readers why some kids bully others and depicts real world strategies on how to deal with bullies when confronted by uncomfortable situations.

Richard Morris (Hyattsville, MD)
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Canoedling in Cleveland
Publisher: Square Deal Books
Fiction, Young Adult
A coming-of-age story about three teens who canoe the polluted streams, waterways, and lakes around Cleveland, Ohio in 1960, including the Cuyahoga River, which caught on fire, and Lake Erie, where all the beaches were closed. Contains six "canoe story" fantasies for young children. “As timeless as Huckleberry Finn.”

Edward Faine (Takoma Park, MD) | | Twitter
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Bebop Babies
Publisher: IM Press
This 32-page full color board book features cute babies emulating their idols Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Charlie Parker (saxaphone), Sarah Vaughan (singer), Charlie Christian (guitar). Introduces your child to the world of music.

How-To Cowboy
Publisher: IM Press
This book of step-by-step instructions teaches kids 8-12 how to play hand-trumpet, whistle through their tongues, tie a knot, always win at checkers, talk like Donald Duck, and more.

More How-To Cowboy
Publisher: IM Press
More how-to tricks for kids 8-12: whistle through an acorn; make a snake, dog, and bird with their fingers; chirp like a cricket; talk like Darth Vader; make a paper boat; and 25 more.

Michael Sgrignoli (Mechanicsburg, PA) | Facebook | Twitter

Dinorific Poetry
Publisher: Sunbury Press
The book begins with “Backyard Dig” – the very first poem Michael wrote for his son Ethan one evening after E had drifted off to sleep. It's the story of Ethan making an interesting discovery in their own backyard. Wanna find out what it was?

Dinorific Poetry Volume 2
Publisher: Sunbury Press
The father and son team that brought you face to snout with some not-so-familiar ancient beasts have unleashed another collection of fun, fact-filled rhyming stories.

Dinorific Poetry Volume 3
Publisher: Sunbury Press
Can one really ever have enough dinosaur poems? We don’t think so. So here’s another batch of clever, fact-packed, dino rhymes destined to earn a coveted spot on your dino-lover’s nightstand.

Dick Ellwood (Timonium, MD)
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The Secret Zoo
Publisher: Create Space
The Secret Zoo children's book is an adventurous twist on an interesting view of a zoo. Follow the animals as they interact with the feisty zoo keeper. Some amazing things happen at the Valley Chase Zoo. Curiosity overcomes the tree house kids as they discover there is much more to the zoo on the inside than they could observe from their tree house.

Jane Singleton Paul (Washington, DC) | Blog

Combinaison gagnante
Publisher: Éditions Talents Hauts
Twelve-year old named Axelle Blanchard from Le Mans comes from a family steeped in the tradition of Formula 1 race car driving. Axelle’s father was an F1 pilot and her two brothers are being groomed to take up his mantle. Axelle wants to race, too, but her parents are downright opposed to Axelle getting involved in the sport… just because she's a girl. Despite the many obstacles in her path, Axelle, with some help from her poetry-loving brother Guillaume, finds a way to race and win the day.

Jazz Band
Publisher: Éditions Talents Hauts
When Margot, a classical pianist, learns that her family is leaving Paris to live in New York, she is less than enthusiastic. Despite her misgivings, she joins her school’s jazz band… and adventures of all kinds ensue. Margot encounters a girl drummer, a gorgeous double bassist, a professional jazz pianist, and most importantly, a legendary jazzman who has more than one surprise up his sleeve.

Lucas Salomon (Silver Spring, MD)
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Le Corbeau et le Renard ou la Gravitation du Camembert
Publisher: Ellipses, Language: French
It's not just vanity that makes the Raven drop the cheese. There's gravity, too! Diamonds weren't always forever -- they have a very specific geological origin...As for the hare, will the laws of motion one day help him finally catch up to the turtle? Through 25 poems, The Fox and the Raven or Camembert's Gravity explains with clarity and humor the scientific elements behind the verses and rhymes.

Le spermatozoide qui ne savait pas nager
Publisher: Poisson soluble, Language: French
How do plants manage to reproduce when their sperm can't swim? Creative science literature for kids of all ages.

Joseph R. Vivens (Baltimore, MD) | Facebook | Twitter

Chunky and Friends: Chunky and the O-Beast
Publisher: Vivens Media Group
Chunky is a 10-year-old boy who finds out that he is in danger of becoming obese. With his vivid imagination he confuses what was discussed during his doctor visit and believes he will soon transform into an “O-BEAST.” Can Chunky make sense of it all and stop the O-Beast from taking over?

Chunky and Friends: Defeat the O-Beast (activity/coloring book)
Publisher: Vivens Media Group
The Defeat The O-Beast Coloring & Activity Book is an adventure where kids help Chunky and his friends solve puzzles to defeat the villainous O-Beast. The puzzles are all about physical play and healthy eating choices.

Ellen S. Cromwell

Are You Listening Potbelly?
Publisher: Xlibris
Overcoming fears through friendships, this is a story children of all ages can identify with. Cromwell and illustrator Desiree Sterbini join again to share a challenge of a kindergartner learning to write his name.

Splash Puddle Splash
Publisher: Xlibris
A timeless story that bonds families and generations through the possibilities of imagination.

Publisher: Xlibris
A story about friendship. Follow as a little caterpillar embarks on a quest to find a mother, but instead finds lifelong friends.

P. J. O'Dwyer (Woodbine, MD) | Facebook | Twitter
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Claimed: Book One in the Hunter's Moon Series
Publisher: Black Siren Books
Young Adult
One girl. Two horses. And a past itching to catch up . . . Fourteen-year-old, Colorado juvenile delinquent Mackenzie Lynn Stonebreaker doesn’t do horses. But the volunteer gig at Hunter’s Moon Ranch has its perks. With cold, hard cash she lifts from its boarding fund, Mac’s poised for escape to search for her birth mom when an Arabian mare named Bella is viciously struck by a shotgun blast. Alive and talking—well, telepathically only to Mac—the horse begs for her help.

K.J. Crane (Washington, DC)

Janjak - The Rooster Who Couldn't Wake Up (English/Haitian Creole)
Publisher: Educa Vision
Janjak - The Rooster Who Couldn't Wake Up is a tale about a Haitian rooster who can't wake up the barnyard at dawn because he's been out dancing all night.His Manman insists he fulfill his responsibilities. JanJak hates strutting and crowing, but he wants to please his Manman, so he resumes his duties. When the Haitian storms dispirit the animals, JanJak invigorates them in a dance. The Farmer rewards him, Manman is proud of her hero and JanJak learns the truth of the adage, 'To thine own self be true.' All the illustrations were done by student Artists from the Haitian mountains of Gros Morne.

Melissa Kerley (Alexandria, VA)

La Sirène d’Ushuaia
Publisher: Createspace
A beautifully illustrated French/English bi-lingual book appropriate for all ages but particularly relevant to ages 8 and older. It is the story of a mermaid in search of her self-esteem but more broadly an encouraging allegory meant to help children understand the beauty of diversity and the happiness that comes with self-acceptance.

Nil Navaie (Bethesda, MD) | Facebook

Lili's Alphabet Book (Alfabe Kitabim)
Publisher: Bookbaby
This book introduces the 29 letters of the Turkish alphabet with over 250 words and images presented in 13 short stories, with additional interactive pages and a fun alphabet game. Lili is the main character featured in the short stories and she's inviting children to join her. Sales proceeds of Alfabe Kitabim contributes to girls education in underprivileged communities and promotes early childhood learning.

Melissa Glim (Kensington, MD)

The Littlest Cow
Publisher: CreateSpace
Annie the fox terrier desperately wants to march in the town's annual cow parade. The cows don't want to mix with other animals, though. In fact, they don't even want to march with each other! Can Annie bring everyone together in time for the big event?

Nancy Kunhardt Lodge (Pasadena, MD) | Twitter | Pinterest

The Crystal Navigator
Publisher: Wilwahren Press
When eleven year-old Lucy Nightingale's mind goes blank while giving an oral reposrt, she loses more than her confidence. She no longer trusts her ideas. This is the story of her navigation back to herself with the help of her magical Wise One, a Corgi named Wilbur, and how she helps five artists. The book has inspired children to write their own stories and sparked their interest in art.

Mary Margaret Patterson (Chevy Chase, MD)

Publisher: SzPress
How much can a pair of outgrown rubbery shoes mean to a child who has never before owned shoes of any kind? Follow the journey of a pair of yellow Crocs as they go from the outgrown shoe pile of two American brothers all the way to Africa. The themes are sharing, cross-cultural understanding, and developing empathy. Proceeds of the book are donated to projects in Shikokho.

Josie Zayac (Columbia, MD)

A Close Up Look at Sequoia National Park
Take a close look. What do you see? I see a flower as pretty as can be. This is the first book in the "Close Up" series of books on National Parks. These books are perfect for parents or teachers who want to teach children to slow down and really observe nature. Suitable for beginning readers and nature lovers.

A Close Up Look at Bryce Canyon National Park
Take a close look. What do you see? The fur of a mule deer, mother and baby. This is the second book in the "Close Up" series of books about National Parks. These books are written for parents who want to teach their children to slow down and enjoy nature. The repeating phrases make this book easy for beginning readers.

A Close Up Look at Rocky Mountain National Park
Take a close look. What do you see? It's Clark's nutcracker who eats pine seeds. This is the fourth book in the "Close Up" series. These books are written for teachers and parents who want to teach their children to slow down and enjoy nature. The repeating phrases make this book easy for beginning readers and English Language Learners.

A Close Up Look at Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Take a close look. What do you see? It's petrified wood that once was a tree. This is the fifth book in the "Close Up" series of books about National Parks. The repeating phrases make this book easy for beginning readers and English Language Learners, but children of all ages will enjoy them.

Marla Stahl (Clarksville, MD)

Can Sugar Come Out to Play
This is a sweet story about a little rescued dog who goes to live in her “forever home,” where she learns about joy, sharing, friendship, and most importantly, unconditional love. The book is perfect for young children who like stories and pictures of animals, but it also well suited for children to read alone, up to the second grade level.

Lisa Trovillion (Cooksville, MD) | Pinterest

False Gods
Publisher: Hippolyta Books
Young Adult
They say there's no harm in trying. Or is there? Cory Iverson has her sights set on riding in the prestigious Washington International Horse Show - a tall order for even the most experienced competititors. Even after saving the perfect horse from slaughter, she faces many challenges - not the least of which is an unscrupulous trainer who will stop at nothing to win, including killing.

Roberta Gore (Westminster, MD) | Pinterest

amazing, Grace
Publisher: eLectio Publishing
Young Adult
When Grace was born she was kissed by her guardian angel, and received empathy so intense it aches. Now fourteen, she instinctively knows that fourteen-year-old Noah Dunne has been kidnapped and faces death. The perpetrator, Jason Bowen, masquerades as upstanding citizen, and everyone is duped - except Grace. She tries to get anyone to listen to her - parents, police, priest. Grace tries to rescue Noah, and when she bellows her battle cry the sky is rent in two. And Bowen's basement is awash with furious light.

Ty Burson (Herndon VA)

Let Sleeping Dragon Lie
Publisher: Deep Sea Publishing
Young Adult
Steve wants to be like any other kid on a summer break. But when he learns that his dad is keeping adragon-sized secret, all hope of normal is gone. Now, it's exciting--and dangerous. In a deep mud pit near Steve's home, a dragon blissfully snores away. A demon and his human flunkies come to town to battle the dragon.

It's a Dragon-Eat-Dragon World
Publisher: Deep Sea Publishing
Young Adult
After his battle with the demon, Mammon, Steve begins to settle into a normal life without a stutter and without magic. Then, three strangers arrive and turn the whole town upside down. Steve's powers return with a vengeance as he and his friends are dragged into an ancient conflict between the great dragons. But can the humans survive, when it's a dragon-eat -dragon world?

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